Business Energy Compensation Claims set to skyrocket

Yet more legal challenges are about to start for Business Energy Compensation Claims.

With Business Energy Brokers breaking some of the rules that are set to protect businesses, the hidden commission fees that weren’t disclosed and could well be reclaimed.

With more than a million businesses potentially ripped off by Business Energy Brokers, the Business Energy Compensation is set to become the new PPI Claim.

Some of the eye watering sums involved could mean a hefty claw back of cash for those businesses that were taken advantage of, with the average claims for example in the education sector being around £160,000, over £200,000 for firms in the engineering industry and over £75,000 in the hospitality industry.

It’s estimated that over 85% of businesses who have used Business Energy Brokers have been mis-sold their energy contracts.

Every year, there’s a £25 Billion cost in the use of Gas and Electricity, and two thirds of that is supplied by Business Energy Brokers.

In fact, energy firms have paid out £389 million in fines over the last 10 years, and more businesses become increasingly aware, we expect that to increase significantly.

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