Fuel prices to remain high for a while to come

Boris Johnson, the inept Prime Minsister of the UK has said that Prices of fuels may stay at a high level for a while.

In yet another blow to the staggering increases to the cost of living, Boris has said that the “Price of oil and gas looks likely to remain high for a while to come and the same goes for grain and feed and fertiliser.”

In what is seen as further and continued hardship for UK Businesses the RAC warned drivers that the average diesel price will hit more than £2 per litre this summer.

Boris has claimed that the government’s recent energy bill support package as “a big bazooka”.

As always however, caution is required in case it’s just another ‘dead cat’ strategy from Boris to distract from his failings in many major areas affecting the UK right now.

Boris Johnson said: “We’ve got to recognise that there are pressures on household budgets that for some will prove simply unaffordable – especially when the energy price cap goes up in the autumn.

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