Massive energy price rises cause for concern

It’s no secret by now that Business Energy Costs are hitting businesses hard.

With some businesses closing before we even get there, we’re seeing many horror stories of MASSIVE energy costs such as these below.

And any time spent on Twitter will show you that this is just the start of it.

But what can you do ?

Not much is the honest answer sadly.

However, I would at least start the ball rolling by completing one of our webforms first off and see if you have a claim against your broker who mis-sold you the energy to begin with.

I mean … you could shop around, and use yet another broker who got you into this in the first place, but is there really that much of a difference when prices are going up a minimum of 300% ?

So complete the form, lets help you see if you can get some money back, and it doesnt take long to do.

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